Israel y el sionismo

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The Story of Arab-Jews Instills Hope

Reflections on Avi Shlaim, Three Worlds : Memoirs of an Arab-Jew, London: Oneworld, 2023, 324 pp. During my stay in Iran in 2016, I heard from several Muslims that Jews are good businessmen because they are trustworthy, and their word weighs more than a notarized contract. I recalled these comments when I read about Yusef, one of […]


‘A wandering people-race’ — Shlomo Sand’s new book on Judéophobia

UNE RACE IMAGINAIRE (AN IMAGINARY RACE) Courte Histoire de la Judéophobie (A Short History of Judéophobia) by Shlomo Sand 176 pp. Paris, Seuil. 2020. The Israeli historian Shlomo Sand has ventured into a territory that is nowadays mostly occupied by ardent Zionists intent on proving that Jew hatred is eternal and that the state of […]


“God does not exist, and he promised us this land.”

Sam Bahour Book review of What is Modern Israel? by Yakov M. Rabkin As someone who gives political talks from a Palestinian vantage point to groups traveling through Palestine, I have spoken to thousands of Jews, among others, from around the world. I walked away from reading Professor Yakov M. Rabkin’s What is Modern Israel? with the […]


Kahane the prophet

On my recent visit to Tel Aviv I stayed in Ben-Gurion Boulevard, a stone’s throw from the house in which Ben-Gurion, the founder of the Zionist state, used to live. Nowadays, the neighbourhood is full of young people, filling up cafés and restaurants, milling around on foot, but mostly on the ubiquitous electric scooters, quite a few […]


Reform Judaism and the challenge of Zionism

Rabbi Outcast. Elmer Berger and American Jewish Anti-Zionism, by Jack Ross. Washington, DC: Potomac Books, 2011, 233 pp. Rabbi Elmer Berger was often seen as a heretic. A graduate of the Hebrew Union College and an enthusiastic adept of Classical Reform, he opposed Zionism naturally, as did, then, most of his peers. What distinguishes him […]


‘A serious newspaper should not confuse Jews and Zionists’

The Toronto Globe and Mail ran a story yesterday on a Middle East conference at York University that upset the Israel lobby because it considered binational visions of Israel/Palestine’s future.The scholar and author Yakov Rabkin responded to the piece in this letter. (Not sure if Globe and Mail have run it; but Rabkin said I could.) The report […]

Spring 2009

Holy Land Mosaic. Stories of Cooperation and Coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel, which used to prohibit all contacts with the PLO and continues to isolate Published in Outlook (Vancouver) Daniel Gavron. Holy Land Mosaic. Stories of Cooperation and Coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians. Toronto: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008, XIX+197 pp., list and bibliography. Unlike many books about Israel/Palestine relations, this one conveys some optimism. The author, […]


A Threat From Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

GREGORY BAUM Professor Emeritus Faculty of Religious Studies McGill University Birks Building, 3520 University Street Montreal, Quebec H3A 2A7 Canada According to a press release (PR Web) of 30 November 2007, the Central Rabbinical Congress of the USA and Canada made a public statement correcting the views of certain Jewish organisations that returning parts of the […]


Book Review: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

By Jim Miles Most readers who are familiar with the Israeli/Palestine situation are aware that Israeli attitudes towards Palestine and the actions of the Israeli government are not without some internal controversy.  There are known Israeli peace activists who protest against the military actions, Israeli academics who write with historical accuracy about the establishment […]


Review: Losing the Normative Connection

Abstract: The role of Torah Jewish opposition to Zionism is an often overlooked aspect of the struggle. It’s importance is manifold: in readdressing wring conceptions of the conflict as religious; as challenging Zionist claims to represent Judaism and all Jews; and in Rabkin’s terms re-establishing a normative connection between religious culture and political action. Rabkin’s history […]

March 2006

Playing with Fire

Written for the Canadian Jewish News in March 2006. PLAYING WITH FIRE By Yakov M Rabkin For me, this was the last straw. It was the news of the pressure the Canadian Jewish Congress is putting on Ontario’s schools to remove a book about Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the recommended readings for the province’s school children. […]

March 2006

Spielberg on Jewish Survival

Published in the Yediot Ahranot (Y-Net) on March 6, 2006 Spielberg on Jewish Survival by Yakov M Rabkin MONTREAL. Steven Spielberg begins and ends his Munich with intimate scenes of a married couple. The husband and wife are the same but the man, who is full of love and tenderness for his pregnant wife in […]

Winter 2005

The Israeli Nation vs the State of Israel

Published in Outlook (Vancouver) 43 (1) 2005, 16-17, 43. The Israeli Nation vs the State of Israel By Yakov M Rabkin Joseph Agassi, Liberal Nationalism for Israel: Towards an Israeli National Identity, Jerusalem/New York: Gefen, 1999, 334 pp. The Supreme Court of Israel has an unusual case before it. Thirty-eight Israeli citizens petitioned the court […]

October 2005

The rabbis are betraying their people”

Published in Outlook (Vancouver) in October 2005. “The rabbis are betraying their people” The response reflects a common misconception. Many fail to distinguish between Jews and Zionists. Mr Muraskin writes that ‘From the start there were, then, only two possibilities: that the Arabs defeat the Zionists or that the Zionists defeat the Arabs. War between the […]

Fall 2004

Antisemitism in Zionism and in Israel

Published in Outlook (Vancouver), 2004 (42, 3), pp. 17-18. Antisemitism in Zionism and in Israel A few thoughts inspired by reading Noah J. Efron, Real Jews, New York: Basic Books, 2003. This book is written by a fellow historian of science who, like me[1], ventured outside his field to examine Zionism, Israel and at their […]



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